It’s A Colorful World

Venice Beach

"Life Is like a box of crayons... it fills the world with color!"

     Do you remember your first box of crayons?  Opening it up to see all the endless possibilities? There were so many pictures and color combinations to be created! Not only was there blue, but there were different shades of blue, and the same went for every single color in the box! Numerous variations making each crayon unique with its own name and identity. Then when you put the colors on the paper, they worked together to create a masterpiece. That is how I see our world. The world is the box and the people are the crayons.

     When I was thirteen years old, my mom brought my sisters and I to Los Angeles for the first time. It was a trip to remember! We saw the “Phantom of the Opera”, explored the sites of LA, and road bikes from the Santa Monica Pier down to Marina Del Rey and back.  So, this past weekend my mom and decided to repeat a part of that and we spent Saturday morning walking the beach path from Santa Monica pier to the end of Venice beach. Venice Beach is known for its colorful people and diverse lifestyle. The restaurants along the board walk even advertise their patios as the “best place to people watch”.  As we walked along, we took our time talking to different vendors and people that we bumped into. We even sat with a psychic, had our palms read, and then took our time to learn about her. Once we got back to the Santa Monica Pier, we realized we had walked about seven miles, but the time flew by because we were so engaged in the life around us. The picture at the beginning of this blog is a mural in Venice Beach that summed up my thoughts on how that day felt. So much life, so much color, so many stories.

     It’s so important that we stop and recognize the value of every person on this earth. Each one of us has our own personal story, purpose, and individual worth. We have unique talents and abilities that cannot be replicated. There is a place for every single one of us in this giant box of crayons, and together we create a “world of color”.

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”

-Walt Disney

One thought on “It’s A Colorful World

  1. My dad was an artist. So every year I got a new box of crayons. Started with 8, then up to 24 which was exciting, because it had PINK. Also first kid I knew to have colored felt tip pens, They smelled really bad.
    I love that even a broken crayon can still make a picture. In fact sometimes it is better You can turn it on its side and fill large areas. Ha ha.

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